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 "We may walk different paths, but our destination is the same… the light." - Gannon Carr ​





Akashic Records
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Akashic Records Assessment

The Akashic Records, also known as the Hall of Records, or Book of Life, is a rich, high vibrational library where transformative and powerful healing messages about your past, current and future lives are offered.

The Akashic Record brings the beautiful gift of awareness to these questions:


Have you ever asked yourself why you are drawn to a specific career, person, pattern, part of the world, or belief? 
Do you want to know what hidden talents your soul has?
Have you ever wondered why you have the family you do, and if you’ve shared past lifetimes together? 
Do you have stuck points or repeating patterns that are difficult to break?
Do you want to know the lessons your soul is working on?
Are you looking for a spiritual answer to connect meaning and purpose to your life?

Clients discover intimate details about their soul beyond the veil at the deepest level of knowing with an Akashic Session. Here, you will learn about past life history, health, relationship karma, ancestral influence, inherent gifts, and core perceived soul injuries. All clients are given a special prep sheet prior to session with instructions, tips and sample questions for achieving the highest possible healing from this sacred space. The best part of the Akasha is that specific guidance to transform your life becomes instantly available to any seeker. Clients shift karma, rewrite soul story, and walk away with clarity, purpose and empowered tools.

Full Akashic Assessment

(best for new clients)

This 90 minute Akashic session is for new clients. It offers a comprehensive soul assessment or map of one's purpose, health, fears, intimate relationships, familial patterns, emotions, skills, strengths, and career. It includes resource reccomendations, direct messages from your spiritual guides, a full karmic depiction of all life areas, and an audio recording of the session. All new clients seeking Integrative Sessions must first schedule a Full Akashic Assessment so the best healing course can be identified and prioritized.

90 Minute Session - $379

Comes with audio recording

Integrative Sessions

Heal with concentrated individual sessions to address and transform an identified current life issue. Integrative Sessions include follow-up Q&A from the Full Akashic Assessment and involve both Akashic Channeling and therapeutic intervention. Client’s will receive mantras, meditations, prayers, resources, and behavioral suggestions from their specific guides and teachers, using the wisdom of the Akashic Record to transform their karma and future lives.

50 Minute Session - $239


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I created this group to bring like-minded people with similar goals together so that they can be seen and supported in a spiritual and therapeutic group weekly!

This group includes revolving weekly discussion topics, live weekly Akashic Group Sessions, weekly journal triggers, and ongoing engagement in our exclusive online group through interactive articles, and anytime chats.

The Healing Collective Group is for those who:

  • Are motivated to understand, transform and overcome karma

  • Are willing to dive into core themes in their life by looking at healing from a metaphysical and spiritual perspective 

  • Seek accountability and cheerleading in setting and achieving healing goals

  • Want weekly, consistent engagement and support

  • Are tired, burnt out, or stuck in repeated patterns that traditional therapy or mainstream modalities haven't addressed 

  • Crave collective feedback, encouragement and community of like-minded souls

  • Are interested in coaching, therapeutic intervention, spiritual practices, meditation, and Akashic channeling

Expect to feel...



When you express yourself authentically, you will be met with kindness, love, empathy and compassion. There aren't too many places you can do that, and that's what makes this collective special.



Our sacred platform, my guardianship of our values, and the intentions of our sessions will finally give you the safe place you've been looking for to speak and explore all your truths.



You will discover a collective of like-minded souls who share your passion and desire for spiritual growth. When we can be together with others who align with our path, it motivates us to stay committed to goals.



You will have the space and permission to explore deep questions about yourself and soul patterns. In doing so, you'll have opportunities to step into clarity of action for the real, root themes underneath the surface. 



With a peer group, my support, and the Akashic realm, you will never feel alone. Having access to loving reflection is immeasurable to growth and change. Being able to build insight and hone confidence will be a powerful takeaway for members. 


Ready for the details? Here's what you get:

  • Full resource library of assessments, tools and books

  • 4x monthly live Group Akashic Sessions

  • Weekly journal trigger for self-reflection and group discussion related to the topic of the week

  • 24-7 interactive community support from like-minded spiritual souls via group chat, post engagement and resources such as self-assessment tools

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Calling all coaches, therapists, healers, helpers and teachers. We're mobilizing spiritual leaders. This mastermind is an intentional space for healers to be validated and seen in their special sauce and to be supported and heard in the world. We step into the personal work so that our forward-facing magic has power, authenticity, accountability, and alignment. Everything we do follows that thread. What happens here, definitely doesn't stay here. This group is about medicine-sharing. 

The Light Worker Mastermind is a membership subscription group. Join or cancel anytime. 

We have 3 pillars:

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Here's how we do that:

  • We learn and develop through monthly educational seminars and tools.

  • We build community and understanding through monthly live Akashic Channeling Meetings and optional weekly chats.

  • We get support and feedback from peers in our 24-7 exclusive, interactive, online, platform by messaging each other and floating ideas anytime.

  • We connect and empower by having live retreats and gatherings. 

  • We teach and explore by offering workshops to each other and the entire Rasa Healing Network community. 

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Light Worker Mastermind

“This is where the light workers of the world lay down their labels and roles of the 3D world and integrate energy to culminate a greater power together. While we may be the teacher, the leader, the coach, out there, we are safe here to be the child, the wanderer, the seeker, the fool, the empress. It’s here we set wilding intentions and practice. It is here we learn and try new modalities and can be the student, the beginner. Like the energy of the moon, It is here we can recharge our juju, feel supported in our language and our light, be free from judgement and be reminded that we are part of a whole. Even if we didn’t think we needed to.” 


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