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Akashic Research

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A Call for People to Join


Good news!

We're inviting people to join our Akashic Research study. 

Here, you can learn about the research and start to apply.

Research Title: Exploring How Akashic Records Affect Mental Health


Research Goal: We want to see if Akashic Records can help people who feel stressed, anxious or depressed.


Our Question: Can Akashic Records make people feel less stressed, sad, or anxious, and more resilient and connected?


What are the Akashic Records: Akashic Records are like a big library in space where all knowledge is kept. People who can tap into this library use special senses to understand and share the information. During sessions, they might talk about past lives, feelings, family history, and other personal stuff. They also offer advice and help tailed to the client’s needs.


Akashic Sessions: Candice Rasa, LCSW, will lead the sessions. They will last about 50-90 minutes and you can schedule a session at a time that works for both you and Candice. You can decide what is talked about by asking questions about your life.


Study Plan: You'll have two Akashic Sessions: one session that is 90 minutes and one shorter follow-up session that is 50 minutes.. You'll also answer some questions on a form about your experience. At the end, you’ll have an interview with Sarah Coleman, LCSW.


Study Cost: You will get a 15% discount on each Akashic Record session. The first session is 90 minutes and costs $322. The follow-up session is 50 minutes and you'll pay $203.


Study Time: The study will take about 3 months to complete. 


Where: All sessions will be held online through a website called Google Meet 


Who Can Join: You can join if you're 18 or older, have felt stressed, sad, or anxious in the past year, haven't had an Akashic Session with Candice Rasa LCSW before, and don't have problems with drugs, thoughts of hurting yourself, or serious mental health issues.


Next Steps: To join, please click the link below to fill out the application. 






This research is sponsored by Rasa Healing, Inc. Candice Rasa, LCSW, will lead the sessions, and Sarah Coleman, LCSW, will conduct the interviews.


Contact Information: For questions or concerns regarding the study, you may contact Sarah Coleman at or Candice Rasa at 


An institutional review board (IRB) is an independent committee established to help protect the rights of research subjects. If you have any questions about your rights as a research subject, contact (Monday through Friday 9-5 EST/EDT):


By mail:

Pearl IRB

29 East McCarty Street

Suite 100

Indianapolis, IN  46225

or call: 317-899-9341 (main)

or fax: 317-602-6554 (fax) 

or by email:


Please reference the IRB study number when contacting the IRB (#2024-0199)

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