“We think we meet someone with our eyes but we actually meet them with our soul” - Mimi Novic




Very recently I've been called to offer content and events via the web on all things Akashic Records and channeling. Given the recent global shift, it feels more ripe than ever to partner with other thought leaders and light workers to bring enlightened, uplifting, nourishing and loving guidance on how best to navigate these times. This means, I'm available for teaching and channeling via Podcasts, live events, virtual summits and video platforms. I believe that when individuals awaken, the collective consciousness thrives, and the love energy prevails. Collaborate with me if you too are in service of this work.

How it works:


If you host a regular podcast, radio, virtual summit, or conference and would like to host me to share content on the Akashic Records, lets partner. 


To see/listen to recent collaboration as well as powerful channeled messages from Akashic Record keepers and intergalactic guides keep scrolling!


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I have been honored with the opportunity to guest spot on the podcasts and online events of some amazing people.

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I have recently created a private network to use with the mission to bring spiritually hungry people together so that we can bust karma, get liberated, unite with source, and align with our higher purpose on this planet. When we do this, we are happier, abundant, contributing meaningfully, and transforming into light workers.


 “What you seek is seeking you”—Rumi