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How do I book an appointment?

It’s easy, just click on the “book an appointment” button which will take you to the client portal. From there, you will be asked to pick a location. All services at all locations can be booked through my client portal. You can also pay for sessions, send secure messages, share documents, and view my appointment availability in the portal.  


Where do you offer services?

901 SW Martin Downs Blvd, Suite 303, Palm City, Florida. Please take the elevator to 3F lobby to wait for your session.

Virtually via Zoom or Telehealth.

On location at workshops, retreats, or conferences for speaking/teaching events


Where should I start?

If you are not sure what service is best, I always recommend starting with the Akashic Records. It serves as a jumping off point for clients to fully organize their healing goals and learn about recommended steps from their teachers, masters and guides. I often combine services for clients based on the information that comes from their initial Akashic session. There are times when other services are more indicated such as Mediumship, if a client is looking for grief closure, or IET, if a client has physical ailments they would like energy work on. Still not sure? Call me and we can develop a tailored healing path.


How do I prepare for my first session?

Please make sure that you log into the client portal and complete the forms that I share with you.  I cannot have a session with you until all forms are e-signed. For some services, like integrative psychotherapy, I may require additional forms. Also, as we work together, and from time to time, I may advise you to complete additional forms to ensure we are connecting on common goals and/or to reassess needs.  


For any service I offer, I recommend spending some time reflecting on what you truly hope to achieve for yourself, and then making some notes in advance to bring to your first session. I also always encourage clients to come to session with open-mindedness and a willing heart. The types of services I offer can be deeply impactful for clients who are ready and present to receive without expectations. 


Can I book all my sessions using the client portal? What if I have to cancel?

All of my services can be booked using the client portal found when you click on “book an appointment.” If you attempt to book a session less than 24 hours from the anticipated session date, you may be prompted to call me instead. Also, due to high demand, I currently have a cancellation policy of $50 if you cancel less than 24 hours before your appointment. But don't worry, you can cancel and reschedule anytime prior to that with no penalty.


How do I get the most out of my session?
Practicing detachment from expectations and outcome is always a wise way to arrive to a session with an open mind. When you are closed, skeptical and have rigid expectations, we close the door for the miracles in the messages we do receive. It is also helpful to bring questions, reflections, and/or goals written to your appointment. Consider taking notes during your session, and then re-reading them afterwards to ensure you have internalized the themes. If you are seeking an Akashic session, I highly recommend writing questions out in advance in order to get the most out of your session. This practice allows for spiritual intention-setting.


How do I pay for my session?

Rasa Healing has a secure, confidential, contract with Stripe and all services in all locations can be paid for at the time of booking safely and easily using the client portal. Paypal is also still available on my website for anyone with an account. For clients who see me consistently, I may request your payment info at intake so that I can bill you easily. For face to face appointments, I accept all forms of payment the day of your appointment. All services must be paid on, or before, the session day and time.


If I live out of state, can I receive integrative psychotherapy with you?

I am only licensed to provide psychotherapeutic services to those living in the state of Florida. I can however, offer all of my virtual programs, group programs, and all other services virtually to out of state clients. If you live out of state, and want to work with me individually, I recommend we engage in a coaching relationship using the healing power of the Akashic Records.  

How are virtual sessions conducted?

Currently, I use Zoom for virtual sessions. You will receive an invitation from me to join a private, confidential, video conference the night before your session. Always check your spam/junk folder. Zoom can be accessed via computer, IPhone, Android or telephone.

​​​Do you offer packages?

Yes, I offer packages. Clients can select an individualized five session package at a lower rate than stand alone sessions.


What is The Light Worker Mastermind Group?

The Light Worker Mastermind Group is a membership and intentional space for healers to be validated and seen in their special sauce and to be supported and heard in the world. We step into the personal work so that our forward-facing magic has power, authenticity, accountability, and alignment. We meet for monthly live Akashic Channeling, weekly chats, and live retreats. Every month I host a teaching seminar on a relevant topic to healing and medicine-making. Learn more about the group HERE.

Can I record Akashic Sessions?

Yes. Please ensure you are using a computer and have downloaded the latest version of Zoom if you want to be able to record the session. You will be unable to record if using your phone. 


What is the difference between an individual session and group session?

A group session is an open session in front of others where information is shared using either the Akashic Records or Channeling/Mediumship to communicate messages directly with participants. Individual sessions are geared to messages just for you. Content and messages are likely to be more intimate and vulnerable in individual sessions whereas in group sessions information shared is likely to apply to many/all of the participants. Group sessions, or workshops, are facilitated on location or virtually, and need to be scheduled independently by reaching out to me through phone or email.

How is Akashic Records different from Mediumship?

​The Akashic Records is a library of information about your soul's journey in this life and in all past lives and dimensions. This sacred library, and the masters that protect it, channel through me to help clients answer deep-seated questions about life themes, patterns, relationships or health issues. This session is often extremely personal and powerful for the client and takes the form of question and answer between the client and their masters and teachers. For this practice, clients need to come to the session with prewritten questions as intentions for what they want to know.

What should I expect out of a Mediumship/Channeling session?

You can expect information about your loved one as well as messages he/she may have for you. Being open-minded as to how and what types of message is key. Each soul has a unique way in which they communicate and we honor that by accepting them as they are, and with the symbols they choose to show us. Meduimship is an invitation to the other realm and as such, there is no guarantee that who you want to communicate with will be present. Just as much as you have the divine right to connect, those who have crossed over have the same right. You can encourage communication prior to your session by asking your loved one through prayer if they would be willing to communicate.

How do these spiritual practices fit in with therapy?

As a licensed clinical social worker, I communicate the divine information that comes through spirit in a sensitive, loving manner. I have found that integrative psychotherapy allows clients to work with varied tools as they walk the path of their own healing. Spiritual guidance allows the client and myself to determine a treatment path that is holographic, layered, and at a  soul-level. We then work together to process and reshape the issues that are connected to their soul by using alternative wisdom and mainstream psychotherapeutic techniques.  


What is Candice’s philosophy and style in sessions?

I am directive, transparent, loving, reflective and inquisitive with clients. I always honor the wisdom of the client and am highly reverent to self-determination. I believe the client already has the wisdom within to return to their true nature of wholeness. I see myself as a guide, or path, and the client as the healer. As a therapist, I am a fan of transpersonal theory, CBT, and Adlerian techniques. I regularly use mindfulness, strengths-based, Buddhist psychology, and existential approaches with clients. My favorite tools are creative, experiential and a nod to the wisdom of Eastern methods.


"We don't see things as they are, we see things as we are."- Anais Nin