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where the world of


meets channeling

Live a liberated life. Gain clarity, peace, joy and connection with Rasa Healing Services.

My practice is a love offering to help you connect to deeper aspects of yourself, learn about your soul lessons, and transform the patterns holding you back. I use my trained skills as a licensed therapist and marry them with metaphysical interventions. Collaboratively, we connect to the divine power that empowers - The Akashic Records!

Join me in discovering the unique wisdom of your guides, teachers and guardians.

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“Don’t you know yet? It is your light that lights the world.” -- Rumi

Rasa Healing gets to the heart of the matter restoring the mind to connect with the hearts intentions, which produces inner healing for the soul.

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Candice S. Rasa

I have always been a seeker of all things spiritual but have come a long way from an intellectual to a person of faith. Today I believe in the inherent goodness, beauty, potential and divinity in all beings. This is my simplistic definition for spirituality: To be deeply connected to the resonance of oneself. In a world of constant striving, attempting to be better and in rushing to meet the needs of others, we forget how to be intimate with ourselves. In doing so, longstanding unhealthy patterns generate and we feel stuck and unhappy. We have all been there. We have all traveled a road with many winding turns, which is the purpose of the soul. The blessings can only arrive when we access our courage, extract the lessons, and make the medicine we so intimately crave.  Within the world of psychotherapy and in my 13+ years of service, I have been intimately touched by the stories of my clients. As a specialty, I work in concert with Transpersonal theory, Buddhist psychology, and Akashic Records to support others in answering life questions about meaning and purpose. The experience of suffering through repeating patterns seems to be the shared core issue many people face. However, this does not have to be the end point. By helping others embrace the value and meaning in their suffering, healing has space to emerge on a soul level. It is my life mission to nurture that. Welcome to my practice!

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