Teaching and Speaking Events

Very recently I've been called to offer content and events via the web on all things Akashic Records and channeling. Given the recent global shift, it feels more ripe than ever to partner with other thought leaders and light workers to bring enlightened, uplifting, nourishing and loving guidance on how best to navigate these times. This means, I'm available for teaching and channeling via Podcasts, live events, virtual summits and video platforms. I believe that when individuals awaken, the collective consciousness thrives, and the love energy prevails. Collaborate with me if you too are in service of this work.  

How it works:

If you host a regular podcast, radio, virtual summit, or conference and would like to host me to share content on the Akashic Records, lets partner.

Here are some of the recent collaborations I've been a part of as well as powerful channeled messages from Akashic Record keepers and intergalactic guides:

Global Unease: Akashic Wisdom for Trusting (Part 1), Candice Rasa, LCSW and Akashic Channel

Global Unease: Akashic Wisdom for Trusting (Part 2), Candice Rasa, LCSW and Akashic Records Channel

The Secret to Spiritual Growth, Candice Rasa, LCSW, Christy Risco and Ramon Gonzalez

Metta Meditation for Loving Kindness Candice Rasa, LCSW and Akashic Channel

Current Evolutionary Awakening: An Akashic Records Reading with Soul Seekr Podcast host Sam Kabert 

Unity Consciousness with Rise Together Blogger, Energy Intuitive and Shaman Lynsey Landry

The Sacred Feminine Intelligence with Patricia Ferreira, Boss Lady Coach

What is the coronavirus inviting us to see? with Patricia Ferreira, Boss Lady Coach, Wendy Hornung, Astrologer and Monica Reyes, Speaker, Spiritual Activist

Akashic Records and How Soul's Choose Their Parents with Michelle Oravitz, AP, L.Ac, FABORM and Wholesome Fertility Podcast host

Akashic Records and Your Fertility Karma with Goddess Momma Fertility Podcast host Susan Singer

Karmic Parenting 10/25/20

Virtual All Day Workshop and Channeling October 25th 9am-4pm

*capped at 10 participants

Discover how to parent from the wisdom of past lives and ancestral lessons rooted in your family, and specifically with your child or grandchild. This retreat is an interactive 1 day parenting experiential group retreat geared towards empowering people to transform the underlying karma with their children or grandchildren. The intention is to create a safe, educational and healing environment for people to learn intimate details about karmic attachments through group process, meditation journaling and guidance from spiritual guides..

akashic records, pyschic mediums, psychotherapy, social worker, therapist.


What you will learn:

The tell-tale signs that karmic energy is present between souls.

The unique karmic dynamic between you and your children.

How to navigate generational karma such as addiction, abuse, victimization, or mental illness.

How archetypal imprints affect our behavior.

​Common karmic injuries/wounds that souls have.

What karmic contracts really mean.

How to connect and send healing with your child's higher self.

How to be deliberate in transforming karmic issues.

How to conduct your own guided meditations with your higher self for insight and healing unique karmic dynamic between you and your children.

What the retreat includes:

Educational concepts and specific tips, indicators, red flags and concrete healing steps.

Group process.

Guided meditation.

Movement and artistic expression

Prompted journaling and reflection time.

Group channeling session with your spirit guides.

Messages from Ascended Master Goddess energies.

Connection and engagement with your higher self.

Personal workbook PDF

Pathways of communication, behavior and prayer geared towards healing issues exclusively with yourself, your child, and between you.

What people are saying:

"This was a powerful experience that forces me to look at my parenting in a different perspective."

"I learned tools I can use to apply and work on, feeling safe and connected with people who have the same interests about spiritual parenting"


"The most powerful activity was the messages gallery from my spirit guides"


"I learned that pain is wisdom. I need to be proactive to heal generational trauma."


"It was so wonderful, I'm looking forward to the next one."

 “What you seek is seeking you”—Rumi