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Akashic Records

The Akashic Records, also known as the Hall of Records, or Book of Life, is a rich, high vibrational library where transformative and powerful healing messages about your past, current and future lives are offered.

The Akashic Record brings the beautiful gift of awareness to these questions:


Have you ever asked yourself why you are drawn to a specific career, person, pattern, part of the world, or belief? 
Do you want to know what hidden talents your soul has?
Have you ever wondered why you have the family you do, and if you’ve shared past lifetimes together? 
Do you have stuck points or repeating patterns that are difficult to break?
Do you want to know the lessons your soul is working on?
Are you looking for a spiritual answer to connect meaning and purpose to your life?

Clients discover intimate details about their soul beyond the veil at the deepest level of knowing with an Akashic Session. Here, you will learn about past life history, health, relationship karma, ancestral influence, inherent gifts, and core perceived soul injuries. All clients are given a special prep sheet prior to session with instructions, tips and sample questions for achieving the highest possible healing from this sacred space. The best part of the Akasha is that specific guidance to transform your life becomes instantly available to any seeker. Clients shift karma, rewrite soul story, and walk away with clarity, purpose and empowered tools. 

Comprehensive soul assessment or map of health, fears, intimate relationships, familial patterns, emotions, skills, strengths, and career. It includes a note’s worksheet, direct messages from your spiritual guides, and a full karmic depiction of all life areas.

Full Akashic Assesment (for new clients)

75 - 90min - $379- comes with audio recording

Q&A or add on sessions are also offered a la carte. All new clients seeking a Classic Akashic Session must first schedule a Full Akashic Assessment so the best healing course can be identified and prioritized.

Follow Up Akashic Session

Heal with concentrated individual sessions to address and transform an identified current life issue. 1 month of clustered individual sessions are a great way to inward dive. Client’s will receive mantras, meditations, prayers, resources, and behavioral suggestions from their specific guides and teachers, using the wisdom of the Akashic Record to transform their karma and future lives.

50min session - $239

 "We may walk different paths, but our destination is the same… the light." - Gannon Carr


Akashic Records
Therapy Sessions

Therapy Sessions

Clients seeking integrative psychotherapy will receive support, guidance, diverse holistic interventions and gentle direction. All therapy sessions begin with a client history and information assessment to craft a treatment plan tailored to specific goals and needs. Therapy sessions offer a reflective, nurturing and supportive venue for clients to explore current challenges and work towards healing objectives. My goal is to trigger your own inherent healing potential and act as a guide alongside you.

Individual Psychotherapy - Client-centered, mindful and specific to the client's needs and goals

Grief Counseling - Emphasis on ritual, story-telling and sacred presence. Therapy geared towards allowing grief to be present but evolving.

Couple's Therapy - Therapy specifically inclusive to couples and emphasizing common goals by cultivating the power of connection, empathy, and communication.

Meditation Training for Mood - Relaxation, mindfulness, and self-soothing training for clients with anxiety, obsessions, trauma or depressive symptoms. Client's will learn meditations specific to their triggers and experiential holistic interventions to use in daily life.



I offer many ways for clients to engage, learn, heal and share amongst a spiritual community. Within my Rasa Healing Network, I offer various groups for those seeking support and collaboration on shared spiritual goals. The best thing about my groups are that they are memberships you can join anytime and come with an exclusive app, live feed, events, topics and messaging for members

Current Rasa Healing Network Groups:

 Light Worker Mastermind - Membership for healers, teachers, coaches and innovators wanting to change the world

Self Care Writer's Club - One time purchase for ongoing self growth journal prompts and daily self care suggestions

I also offer Group Channeling Sessions on location or virtually for clients. This live group is intended for those seeking closure, support, information, guidance and clarity from loved ones and/or from something beyond, or bigger than themselves. Clients walk away feeling relieved, empowered, clear, at peace, hopeful, and with understanding.

Group Channeling Session - A large group session with multiple clients (3 to 15) either in my office, virtually, or on location. 

$200 hourly + mileage if traveling in South Florida.



I offer tailored group experiential sessions on location at your retreat, conference, workshop or company which includes an educational lecture, group exercises, meditations, resources, and experiential activities for participants from 1 to 3 hours, or multiple sessions, as appropriate. Clients can create a theme, or set of lectures, based on the intention, topic, focus or audience. I use therapeutic group process, Akashic channeling, guided visualization, and lecture to meet the goals of your group.

Previous successful and powerful talks have been on: How to Identify Karmic Relationships, Tools to Connect to the Divine, Connecting with your Higher Self and Spiritual Team, The Thread of Astrology, Akashic Records and Past Lives, Transmuting Ancestral and Familial Karma, Meditation and Nervous System Healing, Navigating Energetic Countertransference, Using Loving Kindness (Metta) to Heal Anger, and Integrating Buddhism and Spirituality With Therapy


3 Simple Rules in Life:

1. If you do not GO after what you want, you will never have it.

2. If you do not ASK, the answer will always be no.

3. If you do not step FORWARD, you will always be in the same place.

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