“Change is the end result of all true learning. - Leo Buscaglia


Why courses? Very often while channeling in sessions with clients, powerful processes come through with specific guidance for clearing, releasing, surrendering, or transforming. These tools are so powerful that I have relayed them over and over to other clients and have used them in my own life with tremendous benefits. Gladly, and finally, I now have all these processes not only written down, but thoroughly explained with added tools such as worksheets, video lecture, and guided elements so that anyone, anywhere, can access them. That is why I created a course library-to offer you simple, clear, powerful, and beautifully transmitted spiritual healing practices channeled directly from the Akasha. I recommend reviewing the descriptions below and listening to the guidance of your heart to determine if you need a particular medicine. 
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Chakras are powerful energy centers we can benefit from not only learning about, but working with, to assess our emotional and physical wellness. This course is an easy, straightforward, clear and rich platform to do that.

Meditation by the Sea

Energetic hygiene is a big deal in the current times because we are all coping with heavy and weighted universal energy. This sort of energy accumulates and catches up to us in a way where we either blow up or break down.
The Akasha defines energetic hygiene as the practice of tuning in and assessing your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual fields AND adjusting to meet your most optimal functioning by clearing, cleansing and resetting.


Why did I choose my family? We are inexorably linked to our ancestors, both recent and ancient...because we chose them. This means that our souls have something important to gain from our lineage. We carry not only the wisdom of our elders, but the karma and trauma as well. To take ownership of your healing in this life, claim and maximize your divine inheritance, which includes what threads you are carrying from your ancestry. In this course, learn to embody ancestral strengths and rewire repetitive family trauma that is passed down through multiple generations.


We all want to know who our spiritual team members are. In this course, you will first learn how to receive the most powerful guidance of all-that of your higher self. You will also learn tools, tips, methods and symbols that spirit guides communicate through including meditations and visualizations to practice and enhance connection to the many guides here to support you. Something I hear in the Akashic Record all the time is that our guides and teachers love us so deeply and desperately want to communicate more with us. This course teaches you how!

How do I get what I want? Why am I not getting what I'm intending? What's the block in my life? These questions are the most frequent I get in Akashic sessions with clients. The good news is that you are the author of your life and if you don’t like what you’re getting, you have the power to redesign it.

In this course, you will learn some very clear ways to discern if you are in alignment with your higher self, headed in the right direction, and manifesting your desires. You will also get the best, dynamic, detailed rituals and ceremonies I've used to not only call in abundance but release karmic patterns that prevent you from getting what you want. 


Our physical bodies and emotional centers tend to hold deeply rooted trauma, pain and hurt. When this happens, we develop a variety of biological and energetic symptoms that can lead to depression, anger, resentment and disconnection.

In this course, you will learn a beautiful process of sacred forgiveness, and be taught how to employ it in a 45 day cycle of intention, prayer and action. This course will assist you not only with the tools to heal trauma, but with the empowered belief that it is available, accessible, and do-able right now

akashic records, pyschic mediums, psychotherapy, social worker, therapist.

Where's my soul mate? Why do I keep attracting unhealthy friends and partners? How do I shift relationship patterns in my life?

We have so many questions about relationships and they are often the source of both our deepest pain and highest ecstasy in life. The Akasha says that relationships are the #1 way we both advance spiritually, and overcome karmic wounds. "We get sick in the company of others, and we get well in the company of others."


Fully integrative group and individual, self-study and facilitator led 6-week program that gives clients the knowledge, tools and practices to take a karmic issue all the way through to resolution using my signature 6 step model:
Point of Injury, Point of Light, Knowing your Peeps, Prayer Crafting, and Imprinting and Empowerment.


You will experience over 15 hours of instruction, group engagement, individual support, guided meditation, and education in addition to weekly resources, worksheets, journaling prompts and experiential activities.

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