“Change is the end result of all true learning. - Leo Buscaglia


Why courses? Very often while channeling in sessions with clients, powerful processes come through with specific guidance for clearing, releasing, surrendering, or transforming. These tools are so powerful that I have relayed them over and over to other clients and have used them in my own life with tremendous benefits. Gladly, and finally, I now have all these processes not only written down, but thoroughly explained with added tools such as worksheets, video lecture, and guided elements so that anyone, anywhere, can access them. That is why I created a course library-to offer you simple, clear, powerful, and beautifully transmitted spiritual healing practices channeled directly from the Akasha. I recommend reviewing the descriptions below and listening to the guidance of your heart to determine if you need a particular medicine. 
To take a course, you will need to be a member of my free Rasa Healing Network; that is where all my courses live.

Meditation by the Sea

akashic records, pyschic mediums, psychotherapy, social worker, therapist.

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