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The Path Walker Virtual Course

Fully integrative group and individual 6-week program that gives clients the knowledge, tools and practices to take a karmic issue all the way through to resolution using my signature 5 step model: Point of Injury, Point of Light, Knowing your Peeps, Prayer Crafting, and Imprinting. You will experience over 15 hours of instruction, group engagement, individual support and education in addition to weekly resources, worksheets and journaling prompts. Also included is the following:

  • Weekly video lecture on each of the Pathway Process steps (6 lectures total)

  • Tailored guided meditations

  • Experiential tools such as mantras, rituals, and resource integration

  • Weekly exploratory worksheets for download

  • Weekly reflection journal questions for download

  • Weekly live group video conferencing

  • Weekly live individual 30-minute “soul talk” office hour

What participants are saying:


"My experience with the Path Walker program has been truly life changing. Candice has the most amazing ability as a vessel of healing to help you discover things about your self that have been holding you back, the core reasons why painful patterns tend to repeat and if you are lucky, you might even get a chance to have a conversation with your higher self. Candice has an amazing gift. Not only is she able to access the Akashic record but she also has a background in psychology which enables her to address core issues from multiple angles. If you want to take a course that will help you uncover who you are at the highest self level, help you develop healthy meditation and self love practices, discover who your spirit guides are and to bust through old programming to uncover what you are here to do, then look no further. Do yourself a favor and enroll in this program." -A.A.L.

"I truly enjoyed my time in the Path Walker Program. The content is thoughtful, thorough, and helps you walk the path of self-discovery in a logical way. The weekly group calls and Soul Chats give you a different perspective and greater context. Best of all, Candice makes herself personally available to her learners. I highly recommend this program to anyone ready to learn more about their soul's

journey!"- C.R.

"I finished the Path Walker Program with a new sense of empowerment, trust, and faith in myself to heal. The tools and information Candice provides cover various styles of learning and is organized in a way that is digestible and insightful. I left the Path Walker Program with more self awareness and the knowledge that healing can be an enjoyable and stress free process. Thank you Candice!"- S.H.

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Week 3: Knowing Your Peeps
Week 1: Point of Injury
Week 2: Point of Light
Week 4: Prayer Crafting
Week 5: Imprinting
Week 6: Soul Summary

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