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Clinical Supervision

As a Qualified Supervisor for the State of Florida, I offer individual and group supervision weekly for professionals seeking to become a licensed clinical social worker.  Clinical areas of expertise: addictions, trauma, relationships, mood disorders, personality disorders, anxiety, depression, anger, sexual addiction, eating disorders, family of origin issues. Intervention strengths: art and expressive therapies, holistic and alternative modalities, mindfulness, motivational interviewing, DBT, CBT, solution-focused, systems and strengths-based client -centered approaches.*

Individual Supervision - $70 Hourly

Group Supervision - $35 Hourly 3+ people



I offer many ways for clients to engage, learn, heal and share amongst a spiritual community. Within my Rasa Healing Network, I offer various groups for those seeking support and collaboration on shared spiritual goals. The best thing about my groups are that they are memberships you can join anytime and come with an exclusive app, live feed, events, topics and messaging for members

Current Rasa Healing Network Groups:

 Light Worker Mastermind - Membership for healers, teachers, coaches and innovators wanting to change the world

Self Care Writer's Club - One time purchase for ongoing self growth journal prompts and daily self care suggestions

I also offer Group Channeling Sessions on location or virtually for clients. This live group is intended for those seeking closure, support, information, guidance and clarity from loved ones and/or from something beyond, or bigger than themselves. Clients walk away feeling relieved, empowered, clear, at peace, hopeful, and with understanding.

Group Channeling Session - A large group session with multiple clients (3 to 15) either in my office, virtually, or on location. 

$200 hourly + mileage if traveling in South Florida.

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