Free Online Metta Meditation Series

  • ​November 29th, Wednesday @ 8:00pm EST
  • December 20th Wednesday, @ 8:00pm EST


Metta in Sanskrit means "loving-kindness" and this meditation involves specific mantras to focus loving thoughts and emotions on self, others, and earth. It is a beautiful practice that supports healing and transformation in real-time and on an energetic level not just for you, but for anyone you intend to send it to. Join us for this FREE collective meditation that aims to spread positivity on our planet.

The Guided "Metta" Meditations on Zoom will continue once a month to honor the need in the world for greater harmony, peace and love. You can participate by phone or computer, for free, by downloading Zoom. You can r.s.v.p. on Facebook at Rasa Healing. Please register for the meditation so you have all the details the day of the event. 

Below is the information and link for the upcoming November Metta Meditation. 

Please register before the event from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android by clicking here:
Metta Meditation November 29​​


Karmic Parenting Workshop

Coming January 27, 2018


What is it? An interactive 1 day parenting experiential workshop geared towards helping moms, or dads, understand and transform the underlying karma with their children. This amazing workshop will be limited to 10 participants to allow for an intimate and detailed focus on karmic issues for each person. The intention is to create a safe, educational and healing environment for people to learn intimate details about their own karmic attachments, as well as their child's, and how it impacts the sacred relationship of family. 

Details? Formal registration for this workshop will open November 1st. The cost will be $300 per person for the whole day. Check back to this page for registration information and contact me directly if you want to reserve your spot now. A nonrefundable deposit of $100 is required to reserve your space. An early registration discount of 10% is offered to anyone paying their deposit prior to 12/1. Upon registration, each participant will receive a schedule for the day and a detailed list of what to bring and how to prepare. There will be breaks intermittently and participants will take lunch on their own. Each participant will receive a workbook that accompanies the class included in registration that will have educational notes, insights, and journal prompts that he/she can keep.

  • ​Saturday January 27, 2018
  • 10am to 5pm
  • $250 per person or early registration discount of $225 if $100 deposit placed by 12/11/17 
  • Designed for: Any parent, guardian or grandparent 
  • Location: 521 Northlake Blvd., North Palm Beach, FL 33408
  • Limited to 10 participants 

Who should register?

  • Parents, grandparents or legal guardians who are interested in learning more about the root issues that trigger emotions in themselves and with their children
  • ​People who want to be empowered to shift and heal karmic attachments
  • People who don't want to repeat previous generational familial patterns such as addiction, abuse, victimization, and mental illness
  • Please note that this workshop is for parents/grandparents/legal guardians only and designed as nourishing personal time for insight and introspection. 
  • Want to know more about the concept of karma between parents and children? Read about it here in my recent blog, Karmic Parenting: Healing Yourself and Your Child's Past Life Issues.

The Karmic Parenting Workshop includes...

  • Educational concepts and specific tips, indicators, red flags and concrete healing steps
  • Pathways of communication, behavior and prayer geared towards healing issues exclusively with yourself, your child, and between you.
  • Group process
  • Guided meditation
  • Prompted journaling and reflection time
  • Group channeling session with your spirit guides
  • Messages from Ascended Master Goddess energies
  • Connection and engagement with your higher self 
  • Personal workbook to take home

In the Karmic Parenting Workshop you will learn...

  • The tell-tale signs that karmic energy is present between souls
  • The unique karmic dynamic between you and your children
  • How to navigate generational karma such as addiction, abuse, victimization, or mental illness
  • How archetypal imprints affect our behavior 
  • Common karmic injuries/wounds that souls have
  • What karmic contracts really mean
  • How to connect and send healing with your child's higher self
  • How to be deliberate in transforming karmic issues
  • How to conduct your own guided meditations with your higher self for insight and healing

To register, please click the button below to pay your deposit and complete the form:




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