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where the world of psychotherapy meets channeling! Join me in discovering the available wisdom accessible and waiting for you from your guides, teachers and guardians. My practice is an offering to help you connect to deeper aspects of yourself, learn about your soul lessons, and transform unhelpful patterns holding you back. I use my trained skills as a licensed therapist and marry them with metaphysical interventions. You deserve liberation, peace, joy, and connection. 

More than anything, you deserve to feel and give love in this life. Give yourself these gifts and more, with Rasa Healing.​​

Your own healing is a powerful contribution to the healing of everyone

Divine Power That Empowers!

Candice S. Rasa -Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Channel, Medium, Spiritual Walker

Be your best self.



Are the universe

expressing itself as a human

for a little while- Eckhart Tolle

Divine Power that Empowers

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